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    Zac Dingle for City Council

    Not just building websites. Solving business problems.

    Zac Dingle for City Council

    The Business Challenge: introduce a fresh face to a hotly contested political race by showcasing personality and platform to mobilize a voter base.

    Zac Dingle ran for a very competitive City Council seat in Baltimore, Maryland a and was challenged to develop his personal image, clearly articulate his platform and activate citizen calls-to-action such as volunteering, registering, donating, and finally, voting.
    We designed the website to serve the needs of an active campaign and supported staff who maintained the ever-changing content but were relatively unfamiliar with website administration.

    Key elements

    Connect with political fundraising API

    Website support of a rigorously changing event schedule

    Introduce a political candidate and show his personality

    Accommodate volunteer event signups