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    Nu Season Nu Day Ministries

    Not just building websites. Solving business problems.

    Nu Season Nu Day Ministries

    The Business Challenge: build a website for a new ministry in a crowded worship space as well as maintain engagement with the existing congregation.

    With a growing ministry in a crowded space, an attractive website is key to getting the attention of those looking for a church home. The website feel also must give insight into the style of worship and the personality of the pastor. Worship style and pastor personality is everything!
    Once the visitor has chosen Nu Season Nu Day Ministries as their church home however, they’ll be returning often for information such as worship times, events, ministries, sermons and more. Church calls-to-action are very important because an engaged and active congregation is literally what keeps the church ministry going.

    Key elements

    Active event calendar

    Method of online giving

    Multimedia sermon delivery

    Special 'New Visitor' engagement