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    Logo Design

    The most recognizable element of your brand

    What does your logo communicate about your business?

    The logo and color scheme are the fundamental design elements of your brand. Your logo should clearly communicate your market, service and/or product.

    The best logos combine the clean design with these key characteristics…

    EBAN logo


    A good logo stands out in a crowd. It conveys the feeling of the brand, and can be easily recognized at a glance.

    HomeConnex logo


    A good logo is evenly weighted making the viewer feel comfortable. Out of balance logos cause uneasiness which transfer to inferences about the business.

    Waller & Company Jewelers logo


    Good logos are unique, memorable and never compared to other logos. They stand alone and stake the business' territory.

    BKS logo


    A good logo is easy to read and understand. It must also display equally as well in single-color applications as in full-color.

    Black Kids Swim logo


    A good logo has inherent meaning and is unforgettable because of its timeless style, and occasionally has hidden symbolism.


    A good logo should have meaning and relate to the work performed. Especially in the context of a new or innovative product.

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