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    Black Kids Swim

    Not just building websites. Solving business problems.

    Black Kids Swim, Inc

    The Business Challenge: to create a brand and website for a 501(c3) not-for-profit organization that serves the Black community in an area with very few educational, guidance and resource outlets and a history of intolerance and bigotry.

    Black Kids Swim was founded after a swim mom and her competitive swimming daughter googled the term “black kids swim”. The search brought back only stories of racism, intolerance and lack of access. Up until then, all their answers came from asking other parents and coaches many many questions, yet in spite of that, the family still needed more answers. The competitive swim world was new and mysterious and answers were not easy to find (gated access). That’s when Black Kids Swim was born.
    The family decided to document, and subsequently brand, the answers every swim parent would need to enable their swimmers the best avenues possible for swim-success. BlackKidsSwim.com’s mission is to educate Black competitive swimming families in order to diversify the sport and change Black people’s relationship with the water.
    LWD was tasked with creating a logo, brand color scheme and multi-functional website inclusive of a membership database, eCommerce store (selling EBAN anti-chlorine hair products), Brand Ambassador affiliate program and a well documented blog.

    Key elements

    501(c)3 donations


    Brand ambassador affiliate program

    Strong community-based features