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    Waller Jewelry

    Not just building websites. Solving business problems

    Waller Jewelry

    The Business Challenge: when the Nation’s oldest Black-owned jeweler needs to step into the modern economy what do you do?

    Founded in 1900 Waller Jewelry of Richmond, Virginia is the oldest Black-owned jeweler in the United States. Being passed from generation to generation over the past century and spanning multiple eras of retail, Waller found itself needing of a full brand refresh and all the tools necessary to compete in the modern online economy.
    The beautiful Waller family needed guidance in both the elements of a modern online presence and also guidance and support in using it.
    LWD was honored and proud to have been given the opportunity to be a support post for this historic pillar of Black culture.

    Key elements

    eCommerce development

    Logo design

    Care-full ongoing support