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    Prosperity Redefined

    Not just building websites. Solving business problems.

    Prosperity Redefined

    The Business Challenge: what do you do when your psychotherapist and counseling business grows beyond Solopreneur into a practice that includes other therapists, organizations and projects?

    Prosperity Redefined was a single-proprietor psychotherapy and counseling office that originally had a five page “billboard” website displaying basic information such as service modalities, insurance guidance and contact information.
    Since the brand had grown horizontally and vertically, a simple website ‘refresh’ wouldn’t be enough. Prosperity needed to guide therapist businesses with online learning modules. The website’s redesign included dynamic features such as a full membership site and therapist catalog.
    The custom training membership site sells access to tools, resources and education to mental health professionals providing much needed guidance to all psychotherapy and counseling professionals looking to grow their businesses.

    Key elements

    Professional membership-based eCommerce solution

    Unique messaging to similar yet disparate stakeholders

    Direct messaging and strong visuals to project industry-wide presence and competency