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    Who is TechEd?

    Who is TechEd?

    Who is TechEd?

    I’m a husband, a father and an entrepreneur. I’m a creative with a business mind.

    I’ve been happily focusing on web development for over 20 years. I write (and sometimes speak) in code, design websites, build business strategies, travel, eat and occasionally run a marathon. Pretty much an average guy. Although I’ve been doing this for years my friends, family, and even some customers don’t completely understand what I do.

    I’m pretty simple. I listen, I solve and I build.

    Maybe I’m building a marketing strategy for a business, or maybe it’s a shed in the backyard. Whatever it is, It’s usually about listening, solving and building.

    That’s it. That’s my passion.

    I’ve done this for lots of businesses. Whether its designing a trouble ticket system or a learning management system, I’ve helped businesses find unique and affordable solutions to grow their businesses. It might amaze you how many ways to solve a problem with Internet, and the solutions aren’t necessarily expensive. I love solving someone’s problem that they’ve been wrestling with for a long time.

    Follow me, TechEd, as I listen your problems, answer your questions and maybe even build you something.

    Always happy to help,


    TechEd is available for speaking engagements in the Maryland, DC, Virginia area and also available to help solve your business challenges. Consultations are free.

    I Listen. I Solve. I Build. I'm the product of a creative mind crossed with an affinity for business. Follow me as I demystify websites and how your business can grow by combining technology with strategy. No lingo, just simple and helpful guidance to help you tackle tough business challenges and build solutions. Contact me!