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    LWD’s Creation Story

    LWD’s Creation Story

    Every good business has a creation story. It’s the story that helps the customer relate to an ‘entity’ and vice-versa. It’s the story that connects the two. Here’s mine.

    I decided it’s time.

    For more than 15 years I’ve been a computer/Internet entrepreneur, built websites, business strategies and brands. I’ve spoken on social media, written about business and counseled other entrepreneurs. Even strengthened my family through the power of the Internet, locally and globally. I’ve acquired a deep understanding of it all, and I believe I can comfortably call myself an expert.

    Over the years, my business, Liquid Web Designs, has evolved from a design firm to a web design company to an Internet marketing company… yet through it all, what made us successful wasn’t the design or the marketing, clients could’ve gotten that anywhere. It was the simplicity. We’ve always worked hard to communicate necessary complex concepts using very simple terms. And we do it well. Clients wanted the complex to be made simple so they could make solid, informed decisions, and since technology is ever-changing, their trust in us is a MUST.

    And we’ve always been able to keep up. Through all the technology changes, we’ve always been able to maintain that trusting relationship with our clients. That was the good news. The bad news was that, as the Internet world changed, it became increasingly more difficult to be CLEAR about the type of business we were. A design firm? A website company? A business development company?

    Turns out, we’re all of the above.

    All of those elements, combined with the ability to communicate complex concepts, simply, pointed to a clear answer. We’re a communications firm; an INTERNET communications firm.

    That includes branding AND web AND marketing AND strategies…  all necessary components of successful business communication.

    We tell stories by making connections using our digital toolbox and the Internet. We do it for businesses of all sizes, and we’ve been doing it for more than 15 years.

    Yep. Experts.

    And as our duty as experts, we’ll be sharing our take on technology, business, leadership, and all around cool stuff and simplifying it to fit your needs. We’ll do the research, sort out the junk and deliver SHORT, INSIGHTFUL, ACTIONABLE advice for your business.

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    I Listen. I Solve. I Build. I'm the product of a creative mind crossed with an affinity for business. Follow me as I demystify websites and how your business can grow by combining technology with strategy. No lingo, just simple and helpful guidance to help you tackle tough business challenges and build solutions. Contact me!