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    Explore to Restore

    Not just building websites. Solving business problems.

    Explore to Restore

    The Business Challenge: To create a website for a visual display company that matches their giant imagery used to communicate fun, school spirit and student positivity.

    Explore to Restore (Explore) is a visual image display company headquartered in Prince George’s County, Maryland consisting of production managers, graphic designers, and certified professional installers serving Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Explore creates large format custom art, for high impact locations that connects the community with a sense of positives vibes. They deliver a powerful and unique feeling for every visitor that experiences their creation.
    Explore needed a site that showed the magnitude of their work and the impact it has on its hosts. They required a graphically visual display with supporting content that sells the underlying purpose behind the need for such a creation. Also, the site serves as proof of performance for contract specialists performing due-diligence on the company.

    Key elements

    Splashy image-driven design

    Proof of performance friendly

    Social media friendly