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    5 Reasons Why Your Good Looking Website is the Worst Thing for Your Business

    5 Reasons Why Your Good Looking Website is the Worst Thing for Your Business

    Website design and technology has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Going from an ‘anything goes’ approach to a completely standardized method of building navigation, design and code. Modernization opened the floodgates for new designers, good looking websites and harmony between computers and web browsers. Remember when a website could look TOTALLY different depending on the computer or browser you were using?!?  Not only were looks now improved but special functions became available for everyone too. Now, the average business could operate their own Learning Management System or Trouble Ticket System or Ecommerce Store cheaply, easily and quickly.

    But now that there are lots of designers, everything’s affordable, and the possibilities are endless, why are there still so many crappy “online brochure” websites?!?

    It’s mostly because the HIPPO says so. The HIghest Paid Person’s Opinion. The boss. Nothing stalls good website growth like a HIPPO who thinks they already have it made. And by “have it made”, I mean a website that makes the boss feel good. When the boss is happy who challenges the boss right?

    YOU! You should challenge the boss (even if the boss is you.)

    If the boss thinks the company website looks great then he/she will probably think everybody else does too (hopefully nobody else offers complements because it really doesn’t help.)

    Instead of thinking of a great design as the end of the website process, it should be thought of as the beginning. Your website has a purpose and looks a’int it. Your ‘look’ is only a part of your online business strategy to engage your visitor and springboard them into your call-to-action.

    When design becomes THE yardstick of evaluation it’s not only shortsighted, but can be dangerous. It can cost the business precious time, money and leave the door open for competitors to take the lead. How exactly can it hurt your business? I’ll explain with these 5 reasons why your good looking website is the worst thing for your business.

    1. You’ll have no sense of urgency
      Having a good looking website will make it really easy to spend your attention elsewhere. It looks great so have more time now and you’ll get back to it later. No you won’t. A good looking website allows you to become complacent and not push you for that upgrade that could’ve earned or saved you lots of money.
    2. You’ll get a false sense of security
      What about all those people that say they love it? Unless you’re in a beauty pageant, looks alone shouldn’t be that important. Looks are used to get you their attention, now do something with it. Thinking you already have it made will send your visitors elsewhere. They’ll definitely like your website colors while they buy from someone else though!
    3. You’ll ignore new functionality
      You’re busy. Really busy. Why spend time on a website that’s doing fine when so many other business problems need your attention. Ever think those ‘other business problems’ could be solved by your website? If you only view your website as a design object you’ll miss all of it’s problem-solving possibilities. It can be an extra employee, an extra employee that works flawlessly 24/7. How can you pass that up?
    4. You’ll be more apt to spend attention elsewhere Focus is important for a business owner so “out of sight, out of mind” is a real concern to guard against. Don’t let your good looking site fool you into spending your attention elsewhere. 
    5. You won’t benefit from deeper development
      Ever wonder how some websites are found more often and get more traffic and others are not? A great deal of why that is happens at the SEO and code level. The design of the website is for people, the back-end is for other cataloging computers. If you just focus on your human audience you’ll make individuals happy but won’t multiply your traffic. If you focus on the computer audience with more ‘code’ development you’ll be rewarded with more visitors.
    6. You’ll become reluctant to “mess it up”
      With all those great complements, what if people won’t like it anymore if the new updates change it too much? Yes it may change but it can change for the better. Think of the possibility of new happy customers or all those new leads. Actual money is better than complements right?
    7. BONUS! You’ll use it as a vanity object It feels good when people tell you they love your website. Maybe you know it feels good and now you ask for complements. Stop. Your website should serve a business purpose and it’s purpose is not for your ego. Make sure you’re not holding back your business progress because you enjoy a good ego stroke.


    Your website is not here for looks nor does it exist to make you feel good about your business. Your website is designed to serve a specific purpose. Whether its to make a sale, generate a lead, engage a prospect or answer an inquiry your site should be seen as an employee and handle those responsibilities. Don’t handicap it, and your business, because you think everything is ok. Consult with your developer, ask difficult questions and make your website a priority to grow your business.

    Whether you’re expanding your website or if you have something else in mind let the premier web developer in Maryland help. Let’s talk about how we can put that website of yours to better use!

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