Online Marketing

You've got your beautiful new website, now sit back an watch the money roll in. Right?

Wrong. NOW is when the real work starts.

A great looking website is just the beginning. Your website is a tool that has to be put to work! Now CREATE the results you want.

Basic advertising USED to make people show up but the world is far more competitive now. Everyone wants access to the same eyes you do!

So what do you do? You get proactive and TELL everyone your story!

WHAT do you do? HOW do you do it? WHERE you do it? WHY you do it? and WHAT DO YOUR VISITORS GET once they arrive?

Simple concept, but not easy to do.

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InboundMagic! automated marketing for business

Introducing InboundMagic! Marketing System

InboundMagic! is your customer targeted email Marketing System complete with strategy, branding and support. Turn your anonymous visitors into high-value leads! We'll help build your strategy, provide technical support, and guide you through the entire process!

  • Target your customers better Gather your critical persona-building details and really get to know your visitor. Who exactly are they? Where do they live? What do they like?
  • Focus your marketing communication AUTOMATICALLY place your customers in the campaigns that speak directly to what they value. Demonstrate a level of communication that shows you understand and CARE.
  • Generate more leads! Build trust while moving your visitors through your sales cycle. Nurture anonymous leads into high-value leads, then act!

Grow your business Automatically!

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    Why does marketing fail?

    Is your marketing focussed? Is it clear? Is it consistent? Or are you so overwhelmed it gets TOTALLY neglected?!?

    InboundMagic! to the rescue!

    InboundMagic! automated marketing system will answer all of your inquiries, teach people about your brand's awesomeness and generate leads! Automatically!

    And it won't break the bank!

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    Good marketing is strategic!

    It's more than shouting about your products to anyone that'll listen.

    Good marketing involves two components: ATTRACTING visitors to your website with your compelling story, and giving them an EXPERIENCE that holds their attention while you teach them why you're the best.

    That's InboundMagic!

    Good Inbound Marketing uses blog posts, social media, website pages and good old fashioned communication to evangelize your message and cultivate your visitors. InboundMagic! monitors your visitors and interacts with them exactly at the right time!

    Need more reasons to choose InboundMagic!

    Lead Scoring

    Assign points to visitor actions and watch your most active users bubble to the top.

    Fully branded

    Continue your brand's familiar look-and-feel through your website right into their inbox

    Full support

    Don't have time,resources or knowledge to build and operate campaigns? We've got you covered.

    Plays nicely with Mailchimp

    Push all your newly collected leads to your existing email marketing platform if you already have one.

    Maximum output for minimum effort

    Nowhere else do you get better results than email marketing. Its still the most popular outreach option.

    Begin with your existing email list

    Don't have time,resources or knowledge to build and operate campaigns? We've got you covered.

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    We're here to help.

    Tell us little about yourself and how we can help you