Creative Website Strategies

Its a creative world out there. Don't get left behind.

The advent of new technologies and a changing landscape pose some very concerning business challenges. How do we stay current? How do we stay competitive? How do we use change to our advantage?

Developing a Website Strategy is the place to begin for your creative growth.

Your website strategies may involve marketing, employee relations, business process, contracts response, sales, organization and other categories. The easiest and most cost-effective way to go about any of these is using your website.

Websites are the #1 most under-utilized tools for business communication, efficiency and success.

Your website is completely accessible 24/7 (unlike some internal resources), it can serve users uniquely, it can do amazing things to address YOUR challenges, and its the first place where people go to find out about you. Your website may hold answers that you never considered.

Stop your work-arounds and improve your processes.

creative website strategies

Does your website SERVE your business?

Are you generally happy with your website but… "if it could only help me do __X___"?

Let LWD transform a specific part of your website.

  • Do you take a lot of customer calls but would prefer customers contact you in a more structured way?
  • Do you have a product or service you'd like to accept online payments for?
  • Would you like to collect information better from your visitors?
  • Are you an expert in your field but nobody knows?
  • Would you like to update your website in-house but don't have technical knowledge?

LWD has CREATIVE answers to your business challenges.

So, what types of things can my website do???

Your website is more than a set of pages showing your company information. Much more. Your website's purpose is to make YOUR business life better. Here are a few ways our clients have benefited from custom strategies. Could your business benefit from any of these items?

  • NW Systems relies on a multiple-user environment and employs a Content Management System (CMS) to allow multiple user-controlled access.
  • J. Stuart Harris, a photographer, uses an Dynamic Slideshow Presentation to showcase his fabulous work.
  • BT Edwards Process Service relies on a series of specialized Website Forms to collect exactly the structured information needed to better process requests.
  • Onyx Technologies uses a state-of-the-art Trouble Ticket System to manage all of its clients' questions, troubles and requests. They keep communication tidy and allows for team collaboration.
  • Thomas & Herbert, a government contracting firm, uses a Content Management System (CMS) to manage its website database system that keeps their career center running smoothly.
  • New Bethel Baptist Church has a homepage revolving Banner Slideshow to promote its ongoing events. Banners are updated on a schedule and awareness is maintained
  • Prosperity Redefined, a psychology and social work firm, uses a Cloud-based Document Sharing System among its principles' various computing devices and also securely shares documents with clientele.
  • Family Choice Healthcare screens its healthcare applicants using an Online Educational Portal. The applicant's exam can be set to open and close remotely and is graded automatically. Notifications are sent when the exam has been completed.

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