Conversion Strategies

Some businesses have a plan, WINNERS have a strategy!

Marketing your brand can take many forms; paid advertising, promotion, social media... You may be tempted to "dive right in" with your business but before you so so, we suggest you pause and consider a conversion strategies that leverage WHY YOU ARE SPECIAL.

Your unique value proposition, and the methods you use to share it, is your key to business success. Your overall strategy should incorporate your personnel, a timeline, your stakeholders, milestones and all of your calls-to-action.

LWD can help. We're your CDO (Chief Digital Officer) on call. Using our proven Liquid 6 Brandmaker Methodology we can turn your great idea into an ACTIONABLE plan for success!

Optimize. Promote. Convert!

You've come this far with your product or service, let LWD help with your final toughest mile, marketing. Your marketing success will come from a well-designed set of tools, a laser-focussed message and the commitment to see it to the end. Here is how we can help you do just that.

Site Organization and Optimization (SEO) - get your site 'findable'

Optimize - get your site 'findable'

Site Organization and Optimization (SEO) - Organic 'findability' is key for your visitors. This begins with a site assessment and potential re-organization and optimization to make it as attractive as possible for search. Your site should be properly indexed and ready to be found by all clients looking for the service you specialize in.

Promote - tell the world

Paid or promotional advertising - Once your messaging is clear and focussed its time to tell everyone about it. Whether you go the paid route (Google adwords, Facebook ad marketing, etc), the free route (Social Media or Blogging) or a combination of the two, LWD is here to help you through the maze of services to get your message out.

Paid or promotional advertising - tell the world

Conversion strategies - turn visitors into customers

Convert - turn visitors into customers

Receiving the response - Once you reach out with your message, your website should be ready to receive and process the responses toward your call(s) to action. This isn't SEO, its your capture system. You capture system is comprised of:
  1. Good landing pages, your key to closing deals on incoming marketed traffic. Providing a clear response page with a "call to action" that matches your specific marketing outreach is key. Never simply sent them to your home page!
  2. Properly calibrated analytics to understand what your visitors are doing and how best to capitalize on their habits.

These are the pieces of your PLAN. Now its time to build a STRATEGY to bring your plan to life!

Let's talk about designing your conversion strategy!

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